Since Bun Mi Sandwiches first opened its doors back in May 2009, the Bun Mi team has been dedicated to handcrafting each made-to-order meals with perfection and consistency. Receiving our daily inventory shipment has given us such great pride in knowing we are feeding hungry appetites with the finest and freshest ingredients available.Our mission at Bun Mi Sandwiches is to exceed your expectations by delivering great customer service and providing high quality meals and specialty beverages at affordable prices. We welcome everyone to come try any of our unique specials.

Our dishes are easy and practical as any fast food but they are more than just a quick bite. We offer these Asian delicacies when you’re on the move and in the mood. Fresh ingredients, amazing service and tasty beef specials are what we pride ourselves in!

Our Team

Evelyn Garrison

Chad Schmidt

Judy Fisher

Ann Gagliano