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First of all, Bánh Mì is a Vietnamese term for bread. It was a product of French colonialism in various parts of Southeast Asia, of which includes, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and other countries in that region. A typical Bánh Mì sandwich would include fillings such as grilled pork, grilled chicken, Vietnamese sausage, and other meats, and accompanied by vegetables such as cucumber slices, cilantro, pickled carrots, and daikon (a certain type of radish). They most always come with a mayo and pate spread as well. There are many different forms of Bánh Mì sandwiches today, but they all still hold true to their roots of using the French baguette as the bread but the fillings inside are mixed and matched. The Bánh Mì sandwich nowadays still continues to be a very popular food item everywhere, ranging in the form of a quick eat street food or a main delicacy entrée at modern restaurants.

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Since Bun Mi Sandwiches (our play on words) first opened its doors back in May 2009, the Bun Mi team has been dedicated to handcrafting each made-to-order meals with perfection and consistency. Receiving our daily inventory shipment has given us such great pride in knowing we are feeding hungry appetites with the finest and freshest ingredients available.

Our mission at Bun Mi Sandwiches is to exceed your expectations by delivering great customer service and providing high quality meals and specialty beverages at affordable prices. We welcome everyone to come try any of our unique sandwiches, add a line or two of Sriracha chili paste and this will be the best sandwich you’ll ever have!