Bun Mi Has Done Me Good – Quality Beef Jerky Sandwiches and Meals

Our Exciting Jerky Offerings

Beef Jerky Sandwich

Our Beef Jerky Sandwich is a must try! This is one of our most popular offers and a true classic. The smell alone will make your appetite insatiable. The best thing is – you can get it as a wrap, too.

Beef Jerky Burger

Are you in the mood for something tasty and new? Try our Beef Jerky Burger. This exotic cuisine won’t disappoint your gourmet expectations and comes at a very affordable price.

Beef Jerky Salad

Are you a salad fan looking for something delicious? Look no further than our amazing Beef Jerky Salad. Quick and easy, this dish is a perfect combination of fresh and hearty.

Beef Jerky Specials

Our beef jerky is truly to die for and our customers rave about it. We have many quality beef jerky recipes to try, so If you are a true gourmet looking for new inspiration be sure to try our jerky specials. You will be back for me we guarantee it! 

Our Homemade Beef Specialties

We pride ourselves on having fresh savory ingredients. A lot of our dishes are homemade including our tasty beef sauces. Even our side dishes are made with care and you’d know this if you ever tried our Beef Spring Rolls. Our beef products are tried and tested and loved by a number of satisfied patrons.

What Our Customers Say

I am a regular and I’m always satisfied with the service and the meals. Very affordable and versatile they have a wide array of tastes and there’s something for everyone. My favorites are the Mock Duck Curry and the Spring Rolls.

Maria Byrd

Great place, I’m always seen to right away and their food is delicious. I love their wraps and their sauces. Everything is always so fresh and the service is on point.

Michael Ackerman

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